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A Year of Effort

By | Monday, 1 January 2018

Over the past year I have been publishing results of my attempts to get fitter. Let’s be honest, tweet, blog, vlog, facebook and all. I have had Zombie’s chasing me around parks and updates in the wee hours from the gym. It started almost a year ago (I started on the 6th January 2017 but… Read More »

Goal Stats

By | Tuesday, 23 May 2017

This is an update to the post on this year’s goals that I published back in March. One of the goals I set for the year was to lose weight. I have been working hard to achieve this goal and it has taken considerable will power. I have: Started exercising on most days, in fact… Read More »

2017 Goals and Aims

By | Wednesday, 8 March 2017

I have spoken at some length in a previous post (see http://www.markkeating.me.uk/2016/11/11/the-me-me-goal/ ) about one side of goals, which i called the ‘me goal’ a form of internal embiggening[1] yourself. Today i am going to speak about my goals for 2017. Well not all of them. And this is not a continuation of the previous post just I… Read More »

Write A Day 2

By | Saturday, 2 January 2016

Back in March, in my last post, I mentioned that I had been doing a writing challenge in 2015 where I would write at least a page for each day in a small journal. It’s the start of 2016 and I haven’t really blogged much here (though i have managed to blog significantly to my… Read More »