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Little Bobby Tables

This is Bobby, who Ian Calls Bobby Tables, the dog Ian and Claire are thinking of adopting. he is a 10 year old Chocolate Labrador with a great personality.

2013-07-22 12.35.22 2013-07-22 12.36.01 2013-07-22 12.36.08


Another Nice Sunset

Subset was nice this evening in France. View from the apartment window with filtered version for s&g.



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I like to doodle, especially if I have a few minutes to spare. I don’t doodle impressively I just doodle.

This week I was given a booklet with several figures on the front so I knew I just had to doodle on them.



But it is all futzing stone

Yesterday’s challenge on the fast-running-out-of-days Castaway’s blog was to take a short walk and photograph something stone.

This was going to be easy, Lancaster is mostly stone buildings. The office complex we have offices in is stone, the steps leading to it are stone, the bridges on the canal next to it are stone.

So I took a few pictures as I strolled out to lunch along the canal, including the nice reflections from the water on the underside if one of the stone bridges.





The future is now

It is a regular occurrence for our two boys to want to come into our bed in the mornings.

This morning Ben wanted to join us and for me to get “daddy’s phone” and then to do “pictures”.

This is because he knows I can take, edit, view and upload all from the phone.

I realised once again this morning how much we were in the future we were promised an how the world is so different a place for my children. (By the way, this post is being composed and uploaded from the same device).

Also I had the fun of running a photo through four apps and changing the experience, all of this took less than ten minutes.

So with the camera, then into Snapseed to edit, then PhotoBokeh to add stage one image effects and finally Phoster to make it into a poster.




Religious Image

Still on the theme of the Photo Challenge set by castaway on her blog today I took a wander outside after my one day of sickness yesterday, to capture some images of a Religious theme.

The choice was obvious as there is a nearby church that i could get access to, and it seems that I was fortunate it was visible from the road as the first image will reveal.

I really like the look and shape of the building, and it makes me wonder what it is like inside, it looks squat, despite the towering height, the lack of a steeple adds to this, but it is also the width, I wonder if it has large transepts…

The Images including the grunged Gothic image that is my image of the day, I could hardly be a fan of Dark metal without doing some kind of remix to a crucifix.

IMG_7209 IMG_7210 IMG_7211 IMG_7212

The February Challenge

I am continuing to do the challenge set by the excellent Castaway on her blog for February, and as part of that participated in today’s challenge to photograph a child.

Luckily for me I caught a break today with Elliott being held by his mummy in the rain and finding it hilarious that we were getting wet and i was holding a camera. So I managed to snap a few good images of him.

It’s especially gratifying as yesterday he was one year old, and was filled with quite a bad cold so pretty miserable from feeling ill, so seeing him closer towards his usual chipper self is really great.

Onto the images:

IMG_5149 IMG_5151 IMG_5152 IMG_5153 IMG_5154 IMG_5156


A Hobbling He Will Go

So this is a companion post to the news article on the Shadowcat Page, my Shadowcat Blog Post and Matt’s Shadowcat blog post concerning his recent stay in hospital after slipping and breaking his hip.

I went to visit Matt every day and on his last day in the hospital my 2 year old son and I took a few pictures of Matt as he was being tutored (rather good natured for him, so still incredibly ratty sounding to the rest of the world) on walking with crutches for his driving licence and pass to go home.

Anyway, here are the pictures…