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Doing the Write Thing*

Twenty-twelve (or two thousand and twelve if you like to be pedantic about the pronunciation of mathematical notation) was a good year for me in terms of writing and blogging.

In total I wrote over one hundred and fifty different pieces for blogs this year, including an eight thousand word epic post on the first twenty-five years of the Perl programming language.

I did start to feel demoralised that I hadn’t blogged enough and then I remembered that I do maintain a large number of blogs between family, personal, company and community and when added together the number of posts is quite significant, about three a week is a good number.

I also managed to fit in two different books and the Nanowrimo, though the two books were a completing of one and a re-edit of another, even still with my busy schedule this was a feat I think. This year’s Nano story is already undergoing an edit and being read in serial form by my wife so there is hope that I might do something with it as it is the first in a short series of linked stories that I am planning on writing.

I am hoping to up my quota for the coming year and I will probably do a short piece like this on what I achieve at the end of the coming year. If you keep watching you may read it. One thing I will be doing is keeping a closer watch on the number of articles I write so I can have a set of figures to present and maybe make graphs and charts with (I like pretty charts). We shall see.



* Yes it was an awful pun I do apologise.

Back to the Grind

It has been a while since I was writing regularly to this blog. The world of social media and Twitter seem to have taken me in their grasp and I have left the longer pieces to dwell in the recesses of my mind, well hopefully this will change and I will take the thrust up again.

I have been writing some long pieces, alongside the Tweets and Status updates, I have managed to keep writing to the per.ly blog and the Shadowcat News page, but not so much on the personal side.

This month I also wrote a really long (about 9,000 words) article on the 25th Anniversary of Perl that today made it to the front page of Slashdot, for which I am a little happy – not too much that might crack my modesty circuit and remove me from the Bashful Societies Yearbook.

Screen Shot 2012-12-19 at 16.07.42

Anyway, that’s the few status words updated, hopefully there will be more soon.

Nanowrimo 2012

I didn’t think I could do it…

I know I have uttered those words before about Nano, especially the last couple of years as my life has become super full of things to consume time with. But this year I really had a bad feeling.

This was borne out as November trundled along and I had failed stories, lack of time to write and home/work duites that just mounted up. By Friday 30th November the last day I was 17.2K words down from the target of 50K. I was right, it seemed, I couldn’t do it.

Then Leigh gave me an odd look and said that she was upset because we would no longer have the same Nano stats…

I had only had 4 hrs sleep, I had a busy day, but by the time 11:40 had rolled around I couldn’t get enough work done, or that damned comment out of my head. I also felt that I would be lacking if I didn’t give this the good old Keating insanity rush.

So I poured a lot of coffee into my system, thought about where the plot had to go and how to get there and started. I would make a charge and at least finish closer than 2/3rds…

‘I bwoke my bwain’, my fingers burned, but by 21:30 I had also done the near impossible in my mind, I had made it as the comeback kid. Nano 2012 was done and I was a winner…

Next year I have to do this differently 🙂

(I also have to finish this story…)

Journeys and Words

I have found myself writing on journeys again, this is an encouraging sign. I have left it too long in between writing and thinking about things. I am not even sure if I care who even reads what I write, it is the action of doing it that has become important to me, especially since I have found less time to write creatively of late.

The current writing I have been undertaking has all been non fiction, and less opinion pieces. More general news items for specific purposes.

So writing, even if it is just to my journal, feels liberating.

Writing process – ten minute test

Sometimes, in fact lets run happily into the archaic sense, oft times it is better to just write things than to stare blankly at a page.

There is nothing more hopeless than the writer blocked for something to say…well that’s a pile of poo, there are a lot of things more hopeless, and a lot of things more meaningless, but the colloquial construct seems to fit.

If you hadn’t guessed it this is one of those times, I am attempting the free writing that my Creative Writing Tutor said was good to exercise the writing muscles in the brain.

The issue is always with what to write, where to begin, what to say, what voice to use, how to catch the readers interest…

…the bomb exploded and tore his face clean from the skull leaving a bleached grinning nightmare spewing blood from torn sockets…

…I want a divorce said the young man to his lover as the tears started to flood from his eyes the betrayal still haunting his heart…

…’fuckers’ she screamed as the little league teams came out onto the pitch surprising her mother who had only just taught her the correct phrase was ‘motherfuckers’…

…the ending was in all our beginnings and we knew this as the walls closed in around the sunset crowding the horizon…

…’water games are fun, aren’t they Andy Pandy?’ Said Lucy as she squatted over his…

Of course the voice is to as important as one might assume, I like to think you can ease into that as you write your piece. but, I much prefer fluid writing, just spouting the prose and then returning to it once I have a start and a feel for a character. this isn’t the only method but it is the one that I feel most comfortable with.

Sometimes I have used base plan, a series of points to discuss or a route to take, and I always map out a scene or two in my head, maybe with dialogue, I often don’t know where the scene or words fit in the story but they give me something to build on. I guess I am fitting the voice and some of the narrative into position at that point but not much, and maybe not really as there is little structure, just a few random moments to give me a sense of tense or narrative.

Anyway, that’s my ten minutes…

Exunt, chased by a bear.