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Coffee Tasting: Ethiopian Yingacheffe and “Yule Love It” Blend

By | Wednesday, 29 December 2010

For today’s coffee tasting[1] I wandered for the first time to The Music Rooms which is located in Sun Square in Lancaster and is the new Café owned by Atkinson‘s coffee shop and rightly deserves to name itself as the “finest coffee in the North West”[2]. The Taste [Please note this is not a professional… Read More »

Coffee Tasting: Santa’s Dark Secret Blend

By | Wednesday, 22 December 2010

Once more I wandered to Atkinsons[1] to purchase some of their Xmas special blend, Santa’s Dark Secret and oh Santa you are a little naughtier[2] in the cup than suggested by your cover: which looks likes every other Atkinsons cover as if they employed staff tutored in the nineteenth century. Atkinsons has an old world… Read More »

Coffee Tasting: Decaf Santos

By | Wednesday, 15 December 2010

Once again I visited the wonderful Atkinsons Coffee shop and purchased a new coffee (to my taste buds) for tasting. This time I selected a decaf, and I hear some apparent coffee purists cringe at the very thought of a drink without the apparent caffeine kick[1], and went for the Brazillain bean Decaf Santos. Santos… Read More »

Coffee Tasting: Santuario

By | Wednesday, 24 November 2010

Introduction I have decided to start blogging my coffee/tea experiences since I have been writing them down in my tasting notes in some hope of building a short history for myself as I often forget which coffee I have really enjoyed. this becomes a pain when months later you want to revisit a certain flavour… Read More »