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I have a Fitbit

So on Friday I got a Fitbit, as did Leigh, so that I/we could start to track our daily walking, general fitness, calorie intake and sleep patterns.

It has been a couple of years since either of us did any real fitness things, five pregnancies and two children has that effect on your lifestyle. One would think that now we have a two year old and a 7-month old it is not the best time in the world to take on the extra tasks of walking and fitness improvement. Well, actually, logically it is the best time. We have young kids, they keep getting faster and bouncier, we will have to keep up with them. Time to start improving health and mobility I think.

Also, one can get locked into a pattern, a sedentary existence, and that’s a bad thing. So best to shake things up and do something positive.

I chose the Fitbit because it has a community element, it tracks food, water intake (something I don’t do enough) and sleep patterns. Mostly, though, it is for the stats, I love graphs and infographics and fitbit is providing me with those. Once I have a few of these I may share them on the blog, or I may let you know how it goes, I have an example of them below from the second day i used the fitbit. We had a good weekend to start with both of us getting over 30K steps and passing 15 miles walked. We will see how well this continues and if we get a drop off point.

I am hoping the investment costs will outweigh that for a while…


Nice Morning For it

When I woke up this morning it was raining quite hard, but as I stepped out of the door the clouds were clearing, the wind was dying to a cool, and refreshing, breeze and there was a smell of Autumn wafting in the air. So I decided to take a longer walk to work along the canal. I also turned on the pace keeping app. so I could measure the time it took me to get to work and the distance as it was something that intrigued me.

Below are the images from the walk and the pace stats.

So I did 5K steps in 48 minutes, which was almost 3 miles (I average 1800 steps to a mile) with an average mph of 3.6 miles – a good speed for walking at I feel.


Walk to Work 3: In 3D

(Well it was in 3D for me as I was there).

Once again I had my camera in my bag and once again the walk to work was worth photographing as there was a layer of snow on the ground and snow in the air. This being Lancaster of course it was only a dusting, but it is rare enough to see snow in November in Lancaster that it is worthwhile taking and showing the snaps.

Snow on the cars on the street where I live

Just liked the angle

Skerton Bridge with a light snow fall

Wintry colours in the clouds

The quayside

(Sorry for the captions, they are a tad ordinary, maybe even lame.)

Walk to Work 2: The Sequel

(with title dues to Getty for his admiration of IT people’s blogs and their stunning vagaries of content and announcement).

So, today it was another clear morning, and it was also cool and frosty (there have been some small frosts in the past couple of weeks but not as widespread as this mornings), and since I once again had my camera with me I decided to take photos once more. I walked the faster way to work today so no pictures of the canal, just the River Lune.

My apologies for the rather boring and obvious captions ;).

The Ashton Memorial

Frosty Leaves

Close up showing the frost crystals

Looking out over the river from next to the weir

The Quay looking towards the Castle and Priory

Skerton Bridge with the river at a low ebb

Walk to work

Okay it is a pretty boring title, but it does explain the post rather well, so there we have it.

I took a long walk to work this morning, well longish, instead of walking through the city centre, I took a walk along the river to the aquaduct where I joined the canal that runs along the back of Lancaster and right past the offices. The walk is about 5km and is quiet and on a great autumnal day like today it is a refreshing way to clear the cobwebs out of the synapses and contremplate the tasks of the week.

I took a few photos, the best of which are below for your pleasure.

The bridge near to the Golf Course

I liked the reflection

Sunlight causing light trails

There were a lot of birds sunning themselves


Entering the area with former industrial buildings

Loved the angles in this bridge, I will have to revisit this and take more photos

The Roman Catholic Cathedral and ducks on the canal