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Facebook: the Sharer

By | Wednesday, 22 January 2014

This Facebook type is the constant Sharer. You know the time of day by the sudden rush of shares from their timeline as they push item after item onto their feed. Often they follow other Sharer’s, they work best when they are in packs, passing the same tired item from feed to feed in a… Read More »

Leaving Facebook

By | Friday, 20 August 2010

a.k.a. Facebook can go f*ck itself a.k.a p*ss off you over-subscribed bad medium a.k.a. once annoyed the comments get bad but you’re still sh*t So I’m leaving (indeed) On a jet plane (not really) Don’t know if I’ll be back again (hopefully never) Hello, you might be reading this because you saw it linked from… Read More »