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QotD: My <3

By | Thursday, 14 February 2008

Who or what do you really love? Cheese, Jesus does no-one except me read this blog, think about my writings before asking these questions. I am the Emperor of Cheese and I suffer you all allowance to consume its creamy goodness only on the promise that you will bow to my greater cheese-love. Read and… Read More »

QotD: Can’t Do Without…

By | Friday, 18 January 2008

What food item would you miss the most if it were removed from your diet and recipes?  Submitted by scorpion1116.   Cheese. Easy answer I'm afraid. You see I am in fact the Emperor of Cheese (in so many ways) and all the cheese in the world belongs to me. But, in my imperial graciousness I… Read More »

QotD: Makin’ Babies

By | Thursday, 23 August 2007

Who was the first person to give you info — correct or not — on how to "make babies"?  Submitted by Manon-It-All. My mother. She told me that I was found under a Mulberry Bush, which is odd as i could never find any Mulberry bushes growing anywhere near where I lived. Yes, I was… Read More »

QotD: My Thoughts on Prenups

By | Monday, 20 August 2007

Would you sign a prenuptial agreement? Why or why not? Submitted by Lantastic.  Okay before i answer this question and set myself up for the inevitable disagreements to my stance (I doubt that everyone will agree with me and I often don't agree with myself, I like to think I am able to be persuaded)… Read More »

Vintage QotD: Here Comes The Bride

By | Friday, 10 August 2007

What was the last wedding you went to?  Were you in the wedding? Hmmm, gosh, hard, well I married Satrkitten in July of this year and that was the last wedding I went to. I was the groom, which placed me almost to the centre, welll a little-right of the centre-of-the-occasion (and attraction, universe, equation,… Read More »