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Rubik’s Cube

By | Sunday, 17 February 2019

In today’s WTF conversation with #1Son we have the following gem: #1Son: Life is Like a Rubik’s Cube. Me: (busy reading a news page looks up) okay, I’ll bite, go on, and? #1Son: It’s ten-sided. And that dear reader is when he left me and I was left stupified. It’s a new day in the… Read More »

For Nose Raisin (Part One)

By | Sunday, 26 August 2012

(For No Reason) We are currently sat in the Minor Incidents section, a very new section, of the Accident and Emergency Department at Lancaster Royal Infirmary. The reason we are here is because Benjamin has managed to jam a raisin up his left nostril. To be fair, he told us that he had done so,… Read More »