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By | Tuesday, 10 April 2012

(Twitter Etiquette) Okay so I saw this tweet (I removed the names and some of the details): “Please stop retweeting your ——. They’re spoiling my time line.”* And my reaction is now, “frack you, stop following them”. So why do I have this reaction? I guess it is because of a few reasons and just… Read More »

Do what thou wilt…

By | Sunday, 7 August 2011

(Caution this post contains personal opinion, emotional choice and casually rambling rhetoric, a shorter version can be found at http://mdk.per.ly/2011/08/07/do-what-thou-wilt/) I was asked, online in Twitter(1) by a friend (@techpractical is their  twitter ident) if I would support their efforts to form a LGBT.pm. So a bit of knowledge for those of you who don’t… Read More »