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Why are you in Edinburgh Markie?

or: My God that was a Long Road

or: My Wife is Smarter than I am

or: Filled with Awe

I know it is bad grammatical form to put three sub headings in a line with no text in-betweenst them but i felt it was a title thing, like the start of a silly movie or a book, and I like the notion…


My God that was a Long Road

It has been a long seven years for Leigh, in fact it is eight but that’s a complex story to tell and I want this to be the first snapshot.

We are in Edinburgh with the kids, the other kids, and the responsible person who is probably a kid, for Leigh’s graduation this weekend. She could have chosen almost anywhere in the UK, but she came home. Leigh was born in Edinburgh and spent her early years in Scotland. Like her mother she is Scottish in her heart and in her birthright, it is here she came home to for an accolade justly deserved. We are here so Leigh can go to the graduation ceremony for her Psychology degree.

My Wife is Smarter than I am

I am not trying to win easy praise, or give it either. I am not being an atypical male ‘oh she’s quite smart, possibly smarter than I in some respects, what, what, what…’. I am talking book smart. Dedication to theory smart. Follow the evidence/facts, deduce and infer smart. She is logical, precise and well structured academically. She is smart.

I am clever. But, like a monkey clever. Kinda like, oh dear it is too late and I threw it already so you can’t duck the poo, clever.

Filled with Awe

So why am I filled with awe?

  • 8 years;
  • A full time job;
  • A wedding;
  • Five pregnancies;
  • Two successful pregnancies;
  • A two.eight year old, a one year old and a going on 2nd-childhood-year-old husband;
  • A full time job (yes, it is there twice, think about it);
  • A science degree taken, completed, passed.

Do I really need to explain why I am in awe of my wife?


I guess I can claim some credit. I did a lot of housework, most of the cooking, a lot of the day-to-day life organising….well, shit, of course I damned well did, did you not read the above list? Were there hours in the day where she could have done that, well, yes. But you know we had to make the kids some way, and apparently she needed to sleep and occasionally we went on holiday…wait she took college work with her then…

There were very few hours in the day.

I did what I could, I could have done more, she is grateful I didn’t do less.

I wanted to mention me, because I partly share, I helped, but I helped because it is who I am.

She did it all.

I am in incredible awe of Leigh’s achievement.

(I hope this weekend there will be more words and pictures to share).

Vampire Poem for Leigh

So, Leigh has been complaining in her writing challenges (see her posts here: http://www.leighkeating.me/) that she can’t do the poetry writing part of the challenge as well, or as easily, as she does the other challenges. It also seems to annoy her that I can write poems (fairly poor ones let’s face it) at speed. In fact if the requirement is for bad, sad or mad poems, I’m your man. This latest one was written in 8 minutes while waiting for a train at Preston railway station. It is from the Vampire Week Challenge (Diary Challenge: 24th-30th Jan 2011).

I should note that the challenge was to write a poem from a Vampire’s perspective, and that I take no responsibility for you cringing at any of the words I use in this poem, I already know the quality, i wrote it 🙂

Easy Prey

Diana calls me.
I am the Huntresses’ slave.
She holds aloft the night,
And pulls me from my grave.
Well, at least that’s what I tell the girls,
To get them to behave.

So simple are these pithy words,
That bring me my delight,
I tell them of my lonely life,
Where sorrow is my plight,
And then I take them to their bed
To feed all through the night.

Born in darkness, wreathed in sin,
Come hear my words of pain,
Then loosen bodice and open thighs
You need not have your shame.
While you dream of love you’ll place in my dark heart
All your blood I’ll drain.