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Written in 365 Parts: 21: Hyper-Sensitivity

By | Thursday, 19 September 2019

To achieve a hyper-sensitivity to motion and thereby reduce the lag of reaction caused by over-processing elements gained primarily from auditory and visual senses you must learn to un-focus. This in itself seems counter-intuitive. Centuries ago the effect was noted by those researching combat pilots or game players. The ability to uncouple the visual reception… Read More »

Written in 365 Parts: 17: Surveillance

By | Sunday, 15 September 2019

Drick walked through the Shuttle Terminal keeping an eye out for Krennar but also casually scanning the crowds. Drick had a growing sense that they were being watched, and maybe even followed, since clearing customs control a few minutes beforehand. Drick was not surprised. It might not even be related to this particular case. They… Read More »